Wellbeing is vital

At Roseville College, we know that wellbeing – emotional, physical and spiritual – is vital to each girl. She learns well when she is well.

‘To do well you need to be well’.

Our integrated wellbeing approach is designed to enable our students to be well, to learn well, to relate well and to thrive in their time at Roseville.

At Roseville College, each girl is known. Here, she is part of a community that becomes like a family and where she can foster relationships that will sustain her wellbeing.

It is well established that healthy students learn better – they are better able to concentrate and have higher levels of engagement in their education. We want our girls fortified for learning and fortified for life.

Wellbeing Support

In life there are always times of difficulty, and our aim is for each girl to have the emotional resilience to make her way through life’s challenges with agency and grit. 

Our Wellbeing department seeks to empower our students with a wellbeing ‘toolkit’ of resources, strategies and insights to help her proactively manage her own wellbeing.

Our well-resourced College psychologist team, with experienced and insightful psychologists onsite, works to build resilience and wellbeing in all our students.

When students require additional support, we work closely with girls, families and external agencies. Our response is personalised because the experience of each child is unique to them. 

We invest in the expertise of our teachers and other staff and their awareness of, and responsiveness to, the challenges facing the young people of our College. Our teaching staff have all undergone training in wellbeing and mental health to improve their understanding of how to support good mental health. Our Senior School teachers have also undertaken Youth Mental Health First Aid certification, resulting in Roseville having one of the highest proportions of trained teachers in any school in New South Wales.

Enrolling your daughter

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