Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Roseville College.

At the heart of a Roseville education is our vision to raise women who are fortified to lead, serve and fulfil their purpose, now and always.

Leading in girls’ education through the four qualities that form our foundation – Christian faith, community, participation and leadership, we exist to equip each girl with a deep sense of purpose, for learning, for character and for who she can become. With a strong focus on academic excellence in teaching, in learning and in innovative curriculum, we seek to inspire each girl to strive for her best.

Underpinning that purpose are our values of truth, love and hope. Deeply rooted in our Christian faith, these values guide us in our learning, living and faith journey.

We have a shared sense of connection, heritage and belonging that comes from a community that spans generations. What we do, we do together.

This is Roseville College.

Ms Deb Magill, Principal

Deb Magill is the 10th Principal of Roseville College. She has over 28 years of experience as an educator and educational leader in international, regional and urban schools. Ms Magill is a member of the Board of Australian Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools (AHIGS) and a member of AISNSW Independent Schools Centre for Excellence Council (ISCE). Ms Magill has a Masters and a Bachelor of Education from Macquarie University.

Some of her recent learning and work has been in vertical leadership development frameworks that enable connection, reflection and growth, especially guiding staff through change, and developing and leading a community through crisis. Above all, Ms Magill believes that the work of good education is the work of relationships. She is a strong believer in the education of the whole child, of leading with compassion and of strength in community.

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