To focus on character at Roseville College means forging and upholding Christian values in the lives of our students and staff, and instilling courage and curiosity, to guide conduct, learning and relationships.

Our chaplaincy program gives our girls the opportunity to explore and experience the wonderful message of God’s love for them.

The development of each girl’s identity and faith in a caring Christian environment is an important part of her learning experience at the College; she is finding her place and purpose in life. As she considers notions of purpose, citizenship and compassion, she will fortify her identity as a woman equipped for the meaningful service of others.

We support our students to exercise curiosity, grow in understanding, and test out what it might look like to live like Jesus, with love, forgiveness and compassion. Through this, students learn to nurture their spiritual wellbeing and faith, equipping themselves for a lifelong journey of inquiry in their lives beyond the College.