College fees

The College understands that enrolling your daughter at Roseville is a significant investment for families. Fees are set by the College Council, and published annually, and are structured to provide a transparent and easy to understand breakdown of fees and charges.

There are three components to the cost of a Roseville education:


School fees

School fees cover all costs in relation to tuition, educational and technological resources, wellbeing, pastoral care and compulsory activities. They include: excursions (day only and within the Sydney Metro area), incursions, compulsory in-College activities, Senior Studies Centre services, some co-curricular clubs and activities.


Camp fee

A one-off fee to cover the cost of camp.


Additional Charges

As well as school fees and the camp fee, parents may be invoiced for additional charges. Additional charges cover the cost of add-on activities and items based on a user-pays principle. This means that additional charges will be unique to each student based on her participation in various activities, ensuring that families only pay for things related to their daughter’s participation.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Additional Charges Guidelines.


Further Information

Download the 2022 College fees for Australian Citizens and Residents (on either a temporary or permanent visa). Fees are payable in accordance with the Conditions of Enrolment. 

For overseas students on a 500 (student) visa, find out more in Overseas Student Enrolment.

Enrolling your daughter

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