Write-A-Book-In-A-Day Captures Aspiring Publishers

8 Aug 2019


90 Roseville College students in Years 7 – 10 are busy planning, writing, illustrating, editing and printing a 5,000 word book in just twelve hours today as part of The Kids’ Cancer Project’s Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Challenge.

Every two years, Roseville College participates in the Challenge, which raises money for Westmead Hospital.

Rhea Jayaram, Year 8, says the good cause matters to her team – one of twelve Roseville teams entered this year. Rhea says her team of eight close friends was intent on making sure they had all the necessary skills for the Challenge, especially organising, writing, drawing, and technology skills. Rhea’s team is thrilled to contribute $970 towards the College’s record amount of $4,500 this year.

“It feels great knowing we are raising money for others while we’re having fun,” she says, adding that they are effectively writing a story that a child at Westmead Hospital can read. Rhea agrees that Write-a-Book-in-a-Day is most definitely a day of creativity, cooperation, adrenalin and food.

College Head of Library Services, Mrs Jeanette Harkness, says this is the school’s fourth time in the meaningful competition and admits that “food in the library” is an added bonus for the teams.

“It is an exciting day for everyone involved,” she says. “Teams began at 8.00am – with no prior preparation allowed – and work until 6.00pm tonight. Every inch of their workspaces are covered with ideas, notepads, sketchpads, devices, and all manner of food from sushi and pizza, to fruit salad and a supermarket aisle worth of lollies! However, most rewarding at the end is the achievement of producing a 4,000–5,000 word book of their own creation, while sharing an incredible experience with friends and contributing to the important task of fighting cancer in children.“

Covers are published at www.writeabookinaday.com, with the finalists added to Westmead Hospital’s Library Collection.