Kindergarten Thankful for 100 Days

9 Aug 2019


Roseville College Kindergarten girls mark their first 100 days of school today, and celebrated by holding their first-ever fundraiser to support two deserving children in Bunda, Tanzania, to access an education.

Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Jos Dudley, said the girls were grateful for their first 100 days at Roseville College and were inspired to do something constructive when they learnt that not all children around the world have the same opportunity.

“Roseville College has a commitment to our Tanzanian sister school, Bunda Girls Secondary School, and the children agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity for them to support Bunda’s new Shalom co-educational Junior School, which opened in January 2018,” explains Mrs Dudley, who says the girls theme “#100% Grateful” reflects the purpose of their fundraising effort.

“The girls know 100 days is a big deal for them,” Mrs Dudley says. “However, instead of focussing on themselves, they wanted to do something compassionate and life-changing for someone else. Their aim was to raise $500, enough to cover the tuition costs of a child who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend school – but, to their delight, they actually rose $1,000, which supports two children to attend school!”

Students, with the help of their Year 6 buddies, worked to create limited edition badges and craft items to sell alongside delicious cupcakes, which they sold to peers and teachers during recess.

Roseville College is committed to realising purpose in the lives of our students, through how girls live and learn for purpose. Developing a confident identity, being a considerate citizen and serving with compassion are qualities nurtured in a Roseville girl as part of our school community, which is underpinned by Christian values and which many describe as an extension of their own family.