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Dame Bashir Presents Peace Award to Year 12 Leader

Dame Bashir Presents Peace Award to Year 12 Leader


Dame Bashir Presents Peace Award to Year 12 Leader

Selected from a large number of applicants, each who has shown exceptional leadership qualities, Annabella was one of eight recipients statewide to receive an award for her contribution to social justice.

“I was particularly impressed by other recipients whose challenging personal circumstances inspired their efforts to make a difference for others in a similar situation; such as child protection, refugees, bullying, children’s cancer, or gender rights,” says Annabella. “Drawing from their personal experience, they are highly empathetic, deeply driven and extremely creative in helping raise awareness to create positive change.”

“I feel privileged to live in safety and peace, to receive love and have opportunities to thrive,” says Annabella, who adds that her contribution to social justice is a result of wanting to bring peace, harmony and security to others.

Roseville College has a strong service culture, underpinned by strong female leadership among both the staff and students, which Annabella says has been influential in shaping her attitude toward social justice, both at school and in her local community.

Referring to a visit to the College by Baroness Cox, Annabella said everyone can make a difference. “Baroness Cox shared with us how she used her title of ‘baroness’ for the betterment of people in poverty. She shows great courage and perseverance to be present in remote places where many others wouldn’t be brave enough to go,” says Annabella. “I will always remember Baroness Cox saying, ‘We cannot do everything; but we must not do nothing’.”

Annnabella is honoured to receive a 2017 Dame Marie Bashir Peace Award and is empowered knowing that a group of girls her age can make a real difference to other people’s lives. “It is awesome to be included among a group of young women who are so passionately and actively making a difference in the world, and to be known for something other than the typical things that teenagers are known for... There is no limit to the amount of positive impact your life can have from any age.”

For more information, please visit National Council of Women of New South Wales

Caption: Roseville College Year 12 Community Service Captain, Annabella Teale, and her Peace Award from the National Council of Women with Dame Marie Bashir. Credit: Michael Mannington

Contact: Kaje Pickering, Media & Public Affairs | M 0414 473 640 | kpickering@rosevill.nsw.edu.au


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Dame Bashir Presents Peace Award to Year 12 Leader

01-Nov-2017 Dame Bashir Presents Peace Award to Year 12 Leader

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