Year 10 lino prints

Y10 Elisha G City of ChromophobiaY10 Elizabeth M Le Cafe
Y10 Emily B The Brick BuildingY10 Hannah M City Sky
Y10 Holly C ArcY10 Karyn X The Lamp and the Lane

Year 7 printmaking

Y7 Milly Z CatY7 Jacinta H Spot the Cat
Y7 Katja T Tiggy the Staffy

Year 9 still life printmaking

Y9 Still Life ALY9 Still Life CS
Y9 Still Life ECY9 Still Life KVH
Y9 Still Life XV

Year 9 and Year 11 collagraphs: Cogs and Instruments

Y11 Printmaking ALY11 Printmaking GHY11 Printmaking GH_1
Y11 Printmaking JSY11 Printmaking LAY11 Printmaking MJ
Y11 Printmaking MJ_1

Year 6 photo media Smart style


Y6 photo media CGY6 photo media HD
Y6 photo media HFY6 photo media JC
Y6 photo media JF

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