Life in the Senior School is a considered balance of learning opportunities across the rigorous curriculum; complemented by elective choices from 14 departments: English, History, Languages (French, Japanese and German), Mathematics, Music, Sport, PDHPE, Social Sciences, Science, Christian Studies, Drama, Library, Technology and Applied Studies (Fashion and Textile Technology), and Visual Arts.

These opportunities are not restricted to traditional notions of classroom learning, and are enriched further by other dynamic programs such as Outdoor Education and Learning Away, personal development and student wellbeing, and careers guidance and counselling.

At Roseville College, each girl matters. This is her place and her time to explore, discover and mature the person she is, and to unfold a pathway of purpose ahead of her.

Co-curricular activities span a wide range of interests across all these departments and learning areas, including academic competitions and extra-curricular leadership programs; debating and public speaking groups; community service initiatives; musical tuition, ensembles, bands and orchestras; drama, musical productions and performance groups; photography groups; established programs with organisations such as international service learning trips, Mock Trial, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme and Crusaders, and sporting teams. Dozens of sports are available to senior students at Roseville College, with many offering opportunities for school, regional, state and even national representation. Sports include rowing, tennis, softball, touch football, swimming, netball, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, futsal, athletics, cross-country, and equestrian.

Student leadership encompasses every area of school life, most notably in co-curricular activities. Students also participate in formal leadership through the Student Representative Council (Years 7–12), our Buddy Program for Year 7 (Years 10–11), Student Leadership (Years 11–12), Sports and House Captains (Years 11–12), Chapel and Assembly Leadership, community assistance and individual initiatives.

A range of scholarships are offered for Senior girls in the areas of academics, music and all-round achievement; however, each student is given an opportunity to stretch and test herself in both new and familiar areas of learning. For example, the College’s After School Academic Program provides dedicated, weekly or fortnightly sessions for students in subjects including English, Mathematics, German, Japanese, Science, Commerce, Business, Economics, History, Senior (HSC) Art, Geography, Legal Studies and French.

NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA)’s syllabuses underpin the educational guidelines for both Years 7-10 and for the HSC. These are available at the NESA website, as is helpful documentation, such as “Information for Parents about Mandatory Courses for Years 7 – 10” and a plethora of information relating to HSC requirements.

Year 7 Intake

As girls continue from Junior School to Year 7 – and new girls join the cohort through the Year 7 intake, there remains a continued focus that every girl matters.

Girls in Year 7 participate in a Buddy Program, to help transitions for all girls and to nurture relationships with girls already familiar with Senior School life, and each girl is a valued member of a small pastoral care group of peers and a dedicated pastoral care teacher. Despite the proportionately larger population of Senior School, the College remains dedicated to the education of girls in a Christian faith environment, with small class sizes to personalise learning opportunities and to ensure each girl is known. An advantage of Year 7 at Roseville College is the ensured progression through Senior School and access to leadership opportunities, such as Student Representative Council, or the many co-curricular avenues (such as Music and Sport) to develop a new skill or refine an established alibility. In Years 9 and 10, students can elect to study renown global Cambridge Courses , offering myriad advantages in preparation for the HSC in Years 11 and 12 — and to enhance opportunities available after graduation.

The Cambridge Courses

Roseville College is one of only three NSW schools — and the only on the North Shore — offering the globally recognised Cambridge qualifications.

The world-class, global Cambridge courses in Physical Science and Global Perspectives are offered to Years 9 and 10 students as part of Roseville College’s academically rigorous Senior curriculum. In 2017, graduates of the Cambridge Courses at Roseville College ranked strongly with candidates from around the world, who all studied the same curriculum synonymously. It is a wonderful affirmation of each girl’s ability and academic promise, across such a wide-spread and accomplished candidature, as well as a firm academic challenge to prepare them for the rigour of the NSW HSC in Years 11 and 12.

The HSC Years and Year 11 Intake

For every girl at Roseville College, we seek to prepare her with an education that serves her for life, in a culture of excellence, and we seek to guide her development of identity and faith in a caring Christian environment as she finds her place and purpose, equipping her for meaningful service. As a school for girls in Kindergarten to Year 12, this journey culminates in the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

As an internationally recognised credential, the HSC provides students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, and avails possibilities for further studies in Australia or around the world.

At Roseville College, we see the HSC as an exciting opportunity for each girl to foster her interests in a rigorous pattern of study, tailored to her talents and ambitions. Our hope is that, at Roseville College, each girl is empowered in her decision making to make wise, intelligent, considered yet ambitious choices about her personalised study program for Years 11 – 12.

At Roseville College, even from the Junior Years, we are committed to molding each girl’s disposition for learning. In Year 11, this emphasis increases because we understand the impact of characteristics like positivity, assertiveness, persistence, diligence, grit and curiosity on a girl’s HSC outcomes. Just as Preliminary courses support students with prerequisite academic skills and knowledge for Year 12, a student’s learning disposition is a prerequisite not only for the challenges and demands of Year 12 — but also for life. Year 12, while essentially a time for completing the HSC (and maintaining momentum and focus), is also a time for looking outwards — beyond the final exams and receipt of their tertiary admissions rank: the ATAR. The rigour and rewards of hard work become evident as students evaluate their present endeavours against future prospects.

To find a sense of purpose for these final two years of school, students are encouraged to reflect on who they are, who they aspire to be, and what they are interested in. Our vision for each graduate is that she is equipped with an education that will serve her for life as she “walks out” her purpose in life.

HSC Outcomes

Roseville College placing 25th in the 2017 HSC with nearly 50% of the cohort achieving an ATAR of 90 or more. In 2017, the College published its first HSC Outcomes, available below, before which an annual HSC Result summary was published.

HSC Outcomes 2017 (3117 KB)
HSC Results 2016 (669 KB)
HSC Results 2015 (366 KB)
HSC Results 2014 (799 KB)