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Roseville College Excels in HSC

Release Date: 14-Dec-2018 | Go Back

Roseville College Class of 2018 graduates have excelled in the HSC, including two First in Course places, five All Round Achievers, and 198 mentions on the 2018 HSC Merit list.

The College achieved the fourth highest number of First in Course awards in NSW, through the remarkable achievements of College Vice Captain, Sarah Leatherbarrow, who ranked First in Course for Visual Arts (and is selected for ArtExpress 2018 for her major work Budding Disillusion) and Prefect, Lucy Watson, who ranked First in Course for Studies of Religion 1.

Principal, Ms Deb Magill, says she is extremely proud of each student in the cohort, who together received 198 acknowledgments in the Merit and Distinguished Achievers lists. She announced the five Premier’s All Round Achievers as Lucy Watson, Sarah Leatherbarrow, Camille Volckmar, Felicity Johnson and College Dux, Eva Yijia Wang.

“I am so proud the Class of 2018 and was delighted to learn that 56% achieved an ATAR above 90. The Class of 2018 is genuinely hard working, tenacious and deserving of the strong result they have achieved. We congratulate each of you, and your families, for your doing your very best,”she says.

“The strong reputation of Roseville College graduates among post-school destinations has seen 68% of the Class of 2018 receive University Early Admission Offers, representing a success rate of more than 80% of total applications from Roseville College students.”

Three of the College’s five All Round Achievers, Lucy, Sarah and Camille, met with teachers and Ms Magill to celebrate their achievements, and to reflect on the past year. With very different ambitions post school, the trio agreed that they were thankful for their time at Roseville College.

“We were so lucky to be at Roseville College, where we were ‘always enough’,” says Camille. “Our Roseville education is a culmination of community, character, leadership and Christian faith – the person we have become, no matter the mark we get. It is how we care for others and how we use the opportunities we have to make a positive difference. As Roseville girls, we are encouraged that great opportunities will come to each of us, irrespective of our mark today, and we are all on track to realising our purpose. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we know we have the Class of 2018 Old Girls and the community of Roseville College cheering us on.”