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Head of Junior School Appointment

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Roseville College Principal, Ms Deb Magill, and the Educational Executive announce Mrs Abi Woldhuis’ appointment as Head of Junior School.

Mrs Woldhuis DipT BEd MEd is an insightful, passionate educator, who demonstrates upstanding strength of leadership in girls’ education and student well-being, specifically in the junior years. Having served the College since 2011, Mrs Woldhuis has proven her commitment to the values and ethos of the College as an Anglican school, and is known as warm, considered and courageous. As a role model to girls, her professional conduct and personal character are respected and appreciated.

Ms Magill describes Mrs Woldhuis as a devoted teacher who values each child, and brings expertise in personalised learning, integrated technology,and learning innovation to the role of Head of Junior School.

“Roseville College is a learning environment where qualities such as leadership, innovation and enrichment are vital for our staff and the girls they influence. We work hard to develop and reinforce qualities like these within our collegiate,” says Ms Magill, who believes that the school’s Professional Growth program for staff, together with its succession management, contributes to strong internal candidates for senior and executive roles at the College.

“I am so pleased that, despite a global search of more than 300 leaders using a leading academic recruitment firm, the excellent candidature of a well-regarded member of staff could not be overshadowed by any local or international applicant in the final round of interviews. Mrs Woldhuis’ strength and example in leading education and innovation, with the care of each girl at the centre, is outstanding.”

Mrs Woldhuis is a long-standing member of the Roseville College Junior School Executive, overseeing Teaching and Learning Innovation, and was an integral member of the team that achieved International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) accreditation for Roseville College Junior School in 2015. In 2016, Mrs Woldhuis was named as “ICTE Educator of the Year” for her significant contribution and demonstrated leadership in schools and to the teaching profession. In 2017, she was appointed Head of Professional Growth, before becoming Acting Head of Junior School, upon the resignation of Mrs Tanya Vaughan, effective December 2017. Having also contributed to formation of the College’s Strategic Direction 2018 – 2020, Mrs Woldhuis’ appointment ensures a seamless transition of leadership in Junior School, including the IB PYP and leading the accomplishment of Realising Purpose in the life of Junior School.


Caption: Top, Roseville College Head of Junior School, Mrs Abi Woldhuis.

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