Student Services
and the Mavis Honey Memorial Pool

Student Services (Senior School) is located at 29 Bancroft Avenue (“Isobel Davies House”), which was opened in 1973 and provides senior classrooms, while also shading our undercover swimming pool. The Isobel Davies Building was refurbished in 1986 and rededicated by her great-niece, Mrs Scanes, in 1991.

Our 25m solar-heated swimming pool, located under the wing of The Isobel Davies Building, is a memorial to Headmistress Mrs Mavis Honey-Higgins. It was opened in 1973 by Bishop Frank Hulme-Moir and its solar-panels were installed on the roof of The Isobel Davies Building in 1981. Today, it is used by students of all ages for curricular classes (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: swimming), lap training, and a before and after-school swimming school. For scheduled swimming lessons, entrance is via the gates at 27 Bancroft Avenue. The pool is closed to the public.