Main Reception Building

Our Main Reception and the Principal’s Office are located at 27 Bancroft Avenue (“Hobbs House”). All visitors are asked to attend the Main Reception in the first instance.  The entrance is located through the wisteria walkway and to the right (adjacent to The Rose Garden).

Our three Administration buildings (originally 27, 29 and 31 Bancroft Avenue) are among the property’s heritage buildings, which match the façades of residences along the Avenue. These three properties also house office areas for many of our senior academic and school administrative staff.

The Isobel and Ethel Davies Memorial Gates were opened in 1964 by State Governor, Sir John Northcott, outside 29 Bancroft Avenue, then relocated to the school’s present Bancroft Avenue entrance and refurbished in 2007. Reluctantly, the original gates were replaced in 2009. The flourishing wisteria vine and The Rose Garden were established in 2007.