The Roseville College Uniform Shop is located in 19 Bancroft Avenue, two doors up from the Main Reception. 

Contact Details

Roseville College Uniform Shop
19 Bancroft Avenue
Roseville NSW 2069
Telephone | 02 9884 1178
Email | uniforms@roseville.nsw.edu.au

Regular opening hours in Term time

8am - 12pm | 12.30pm - 4pm
8am - 12pm | 12.30pm - 4pm

Guidelines and Location Map

Summer uniform is worn Terms 1 and 4. Winter uniform is worn Terms 2 and 3.

Please note the panama is not worn with the winter uniform.

New Uniform Fittings
Please book on 02 9884 1178 or please email your request to Uniforms@Roseville

Uniform Purchases
Purchases may be made at the shop during opening hours. Orders can be made by completing the Uniform Order Form and handing it to Student Services Office or Junior Reception. Completed orders will be available for collection from the Uniform Shop after 3.15pm on the next shop day. Junior School orders will be delivered to Junior Reception. If urgent assistance is required on non-open days, please contact Senior Reception and a member of staff will assist you. Tights and socks are also available at Student Services Office and Junior Reception.

Uniform Labelling
All uniform and personal items should be labelled. For advice about organising personalised labels, enquire at the Uniform Shop. 

Uniform Tailoring
Within guidelines, such as hem length, uniforms may be tailored. The Shop can provide details of local tailors who have been recommended by other families. The College assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged property.

Lost Property
Parents and students searching for lost uniform items can check the Lost Property Lockers at the College. Please click on the following link to contact Student Services Office for details. Labelled items have a far better chance of finding owners quickly. 

Second-hand Items
Roseville College supports the Sustainable School Shop for second-hand uniforms and text books. 

For an updated list of Roseville College uniforms/items available in the Sustainable School Shop, please see the stocklist.