Roseville College Archives and Heritage

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Roseville College’s Centenary story, “Memories & Dreams: Roseville College 1908 – 2008”, was published in 2008 to celebrate 100 Years of Roseville College's history, and to preserve and share the story of Roseville College since its inception in 1908.

Our collections are shared for reference and educational purposes, and the Archivist instigates and participates in programs and publications that contribute to a greater awareness of Roseville College’s rich heritage.

The Roseville College Archival Office was formally established in 1989, and today the College’s archival holdings include:

  • Administrative records (1950s to present day)
  • School publications (1930s to present day)
  • School uniforms (1940s to present day)
  • Extensive photographic library (1908 to present day)
  • Plans and strategic records
  • Memorabilia
  • Rare book collection.

The Roseville College Archival Office is open to receive external enquiries three days a week (Mondays - Wednesdays) between 10am – 2pm. To contact our Archivist and make an enquiry or book an appointment, contact:

Roseville College Archivist
Mrs Caroline Lovell, BA(Hons), MA(Archives and Records Management)
Telephone | 02 9884 1157

Locked Bag 34
Roseville NSW 2069

The College continues to enhance its Archives with the acquisition of items that help complete collections. For donations to the school of items or information relating to Roseville College, its staff and students, please contact the Archivist for further information.

Old Girls and family members of Old Girls are invited to volunteer with Archives, both to help capture memories as a legacy to the school and to help the College fill gaps such as captioning of photographs, replacing damaged items, contributing to restoration, donating items to complete College collections, and donating memorabilia associated with the history of the College.

The College has produced a Centenary publication titled “Memories & Dreams: Roseville College 1908 – 2008”, which is available for purchase at our Main Reception during business hours.