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Visit from Eldest Old Girl

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Roseville College’s eldest Old Girl, 94 year old Mrs Margaret Gray, visited Roseville College this week to be interviewed for the College Archival records, and was accompanied by another Old Girl, her daughter Miss Margaret Gray.

Mrs Gray and Miss Gray were quick to notice architectural changes at the School, pointing out the historical sites of some of their fondest memories.

It looks a very different school,” admits Mrs Gray, who says it still has the same warm feeling she remembered as a student. “Most importantly, I remember Roseville College as the place I made friends for a lifetime. There aren’t too many of us left; but for those of us who shared the connection with Roseville College, we are proof that this School is one where girls make true and lasting friendships.

Mrs Gray laughs as she describes her traditional experience of education in the 1930s. “Times certainly have changed in the classroom” she says, confessing that academic learning wasn’t the highlight of her schooling – she moved to and from Sydney a few times during her childhood as her father relocated several times for work. She has always remembered Roseville College as “a happy school”. It was for this reason, her daughter Miss Margaret Gray was enrolled at the School in the 1960s.

Roseville College was part of our family,” adds Miss Gray. “The good thing, when I was here, was the feeling that you got to learn as an individual. The teachers also focussed on instilling enduring life skills and values in the students, which set me up well in life. I’m a volunteer fire-fighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service and I could not have done that without those foundations.

Miss Gray was pleased to accompany her mother to the College for the Archival interview, discovering snippets of her mother’s history that she hadn't known before.

I can’t believe the College has copies of all the old yearbooks and [its original publication] The Scroll, so I was interested to read about the days when my mother was a student here,” says Miss Gray. “I admit that sitting with a class of young Year 9 girls made me reflect on my own experiences; when I left Roseville, I missed it very badly...

Caption: Roseville College Archivist Mrs Caroline Lovell (left) and Year 9 student Ella Haid (right) welcomed the School’s eldest Old Girl, Mrs Margaret Gray (Old Girl Class of 1936) and her daughter Miss Margaret Gray (Old Girl Class of 1978). They hold an original copy of The Scroll from Mrs Gray’s days as a student.

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