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Sarah Pursues Her Professional Tennis Dream

Release Date: 15-May-2017 | Go Back

Roseville College Year 8 athlete, Sarah Munroe, will attend Tennis Australia’s Double’s Camp later this month as the ambitious teenager takes a step closer to her dream of becoming a professional tennis player.

The 13 year old, who began tennis at age 7 and now ranks 8th in Australia for her age group, embodies both the high physical aptitude demanded by the sport as well as a self-controlled, well managed temperament; a combination that gives her both a physical and mental edge on court.

“I’m excited about my inclusion in the camp, which is a reward for hard work,” she acknowledges, adding that she wouldn’t have the same opportunity without the support and inspiration of her parents, family and school community.

“The [Roseville College] Tildesley Tennis team is supportive of each other and I sense that personally, too. I’m grateful for the flexible study program at School that accommodates my training regime. I’m thankful for my family and their constant support, and I appreciate that my friends and teachers at School give me the freedom to be a ‘normal’ student, which is in contrast to standing alone on a tennis court with all eyes on you,” she explains.

While thoughtful in her words, Sarah is uncompromising about the qualities she believes constitute a great tennis player and role model.

“Sportsmanship is one of the main qualities I admire in players on today’s [tennis] circuit,” says Sarah. “Together with integrity and self-control, sportsmanship is underrated, but increasingly important in high visibility sports like ours.” Sarah, who is also an All Rounder Scholar at Roseville College, says sportsmanship includes honesty, respect and courtesy towards others on court.

“How I conduct myself and play the game of tennis is more important than winning or losing,” she believes. However, Sarah is also a realist: “I know these things are easy to say at 13 years old; but I hope I still feel this way in years to come when it really counts!”

Caption: Roseville College student, Sarah Munroe, will attend Tennis Australia’s Double’s Camp later this month. 

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