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Roseville College's 10th Principal

Release Date: 15-Nov-2016 | Go Back

Roseville College Council and the Board of the Anglican Schools Corporation (ASC) announce the appointment of Ms Deb Magill as Roseville College's tenth Principal, commencing January 2017.

Ms Magill, BEd MECh MACE MACEL aspires to bring a fresh, contemporary vision to the role of Principal at Roseville College. Ms Magill believes the College is unique in its ability to nurture and empower each individual girl within an inspiring learning community that, to so many families, is an extension of their homes.

Chair of Roseville College Council, Mr David Minty, emphasises that Ms Magill stood out among high-calibre candidatures as an exceptional educator with a strong and determined leadership style, who has a vision to empower both staff and students in the 1,000-strong collegiate at Roseville College.

"Among her professional expertise and strong credentials, Ms Magill's specialisation in learning enrichment will further strengthen the College's reputation for caring for each student as she learns and grows in our strong Christian and highly encouraging school community," says Mr Minty.

"Together with Ms Magill, we aim to continue delivering excellent education for girls in Kindergarten to Year 12 at Roseville College, in preparation for a bright future beyond school," Mr Minty adds.

As the school's current Director of Learning and a senior member of the College's executive team, Ms Magill is highly respected by colleagues, peers and families at the school, and her succession to incumbent Principal, Mrs Krimmer, demonstrates strong leadership stability at the College and will facilitate a very smooth transition.

With more than 20 years of experience as an educator and education leader in girls', co-educational and boys' learning environments, Ms Magill has worked with ASC since 2004 and with Roseville College for the past six years. Ms Magill is also an active member of her local Anglican church, with her husband John and two school-aged children.

Roseville College has an established reputation for partnering with families in the education of their daughters in a way that inspires girls toward their best personal academic achievement, while also refining each girls' individual talents and interests, and founding her in grounded values and lifelong friendships. The College has performed consistently well in the HSC, with the Class of 2015 ranking 27th overall in NSW, with 56% of students attaining an ATAR of 89 or more (46% attained 90 or more). The College couples its rigorous academic learning and dynamic STEM opportunities with a wide range of co-curricular pursuits, inspiring outdoor education experiences and engaging community service initiatives, underpinned by Christian values in the Anglican tradition.

Photo inset: Ms Deb Magill, Roseville College's Director of Learning