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NSW ICT Educator of the Year

Release Date: 27-Mar-2017 | Go Back

Roseville College Head of Professional Growth and Junior School Executive for Innovation, Mrs Abi Woldhuis, has been named the NSW ICT Educator of the Year (2016) by the Australian Council for Computers (ACCE) at the recent ICT Educators in NSW (ICTENSW) annual conference.

"It means a great deal to receive recognition for my contribution to ICT education at Roseville College and to the wider profession. I was very pleased to be included among a field of very worthy, very deserving nominees, so to be named the NSW ICT Educator of the Year is humbling and gratifying," Mrs Woldhuis says, adding that the honour is one of which she is extremely proud.

Mrs Woldhuis says ICT education has great potential to change lives of young people by empowering them to embrace then innovate with technology.

"At Roseville College, we looked at where technology complemented and extended the curriculum - where children could create with technology, not merely control technology," she says. "Excellent teachers transform learning and aim to create environments where technology enables a learning journey that is driven by the child."

When describing the cultural change required in schools, Mrs Woldhuis says children need time to tinker and to solve problems where technology is the enabler, not the focus (and not just learning a software package that thinks for them).

"When you allow children the opportunity to find solutions to problems that matter to them, you see a whole new level of engagement in authentic learning. When children see the purpose in what they are doing, the learning motivates them and 'failures' are just excuses to try again. Technology is no longer the focus; creating meaning takes over".

The Award, presented on 10 March at the ICTENSW annual conference, recognises distinguished careers and proven inspirational achievement in advocating, supporting and promoting the use of ICT in education. Mrs Woldhuis is now eligible to be nominated by ACCE to be considered for the national ICT Educator of the Year award.

 Photo: Mrs Abi Woldhuis, is the NSW ICT Educator of the Year (2016).