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Ilana ranks 1st in NSW

Release Date: 19-Dec-2016 | Go Back

Ilana, who received an ATAR of 95.9, met with 2016 Roseville College Principal*, Mrs Megan Krimmer, to showcase her award and receive Mrs Krimmer’s personal congratulations on behalf of the College community, today.

I worked hard in the HSC and had high expectations of doing well in this subject, but when the Board of Studies rang with news I ranked 1st in NSW, I was amazed. It was a stunning surprise and unexpected, of course,” Ilana says.

Ilana is amused by the stereotype with which some people view the subject, Food Technology, saying the course provided her with great balance to other HSC subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry.

Food Technology is not what people think; ‘just cooking’. It taught me how to think differently, which benefitted my other subjects, and I gained some great skills for the rest of my life. There is a lot more to this area of learning than you might first think. It really is very academic and challenging,” she says, adding that she is especially grateful for her teachers, Mrs Burke, Ms Ovington and Mrs Marshall. “I’m really pleased and very proud of this achievement.”

Ilana is thankful for all of her teachers, urging her Year 11 peers to respect and cherish their teachers as they approach the HSC next year, saying, “I’m so grateful for the education I have received at Roseville College and for the teachers who really want us to succeed and work hard to that end. They truly are ‘second to none’.”

* Mrs Krimmer is succeeded as Principal of Roseville College by Ms Deb Magill, commencing 1 January 2017.