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Emily Flies High with Defence Technical Trades Scholarship

Release Date: 10-Oct-2012 | Go Back

Roseville College Year 11 student, Emily Stewart, has received the 2012 Defence Technical Trades Scholarship to fuel her dream of flying as a career.

Having previously received the Lieutenant Paul McKinlin Scholarship from Air Cadets in 2009 (providing subsidised flight time) and the IACE Scholarship (to spend four weeks in the USA earlier this year), Emily says the $2,000 Defence Technical Trades Scholarship encourages her to focus her HSC while offering access to a variety of specialised technical trades programs.

“I simply love flying and my goal is to complete a Bachelor of Aviation before pursuing a career in commercial or military aviation,” explains Emily, who undertook her first solo flight in a Cesna 152 just after turning 16 years old and has completed around 25 hours in the air so far.

Emily is also a Cadet Warrant Officer with AAFC and says the sense of freedom in the air has more impact on her than the adrenalin rush of take-off and landing. “If you have a dream, the important thing is to find out what opportunities, such as scholarships and courses, are available to help you get started. Then, take as many opportunities as are available to you,” she advises.

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